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Web Design

Web Design

Web Design is important in order to turn a simple user into a customer. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Web Design is as important as Web Development in DoitSimple. In order to produce coherent results our web designers work together with the front-end and back-end developers. Thus, we make sure that your idea and business objectives are reflected in the design, as well. 

Whether it is about a website or an app, first impressions always count. Our job is to provide to your users the best one possible. This means we try to interpret your brand in an intuitive and unique design. Our primary objective is to maintain a professional and modern look through a clean and user-friendly website. 

Intuitive Web Design is actually easier said than done. But what makes intuitive design so special? An intuitive website or app is easy to use and browse. When a user enters such an environment, it’s clear to him which actions can be taken and in which way. For example, when this user enters an ecommerce site the homepage contains only the most important features and it guides him to the actions he can take. This homepage directs the user’s attention exactly where it needs to be, as no distractions and no unnecessary features are present. 

Unfortunately, intuitive design is so subtle that most users don’t even notice it! In fact, most users take it for granted in our days. The bad news is that when a website or app doesn’t have intuitive web design, it is immediately noticeable. Users become more demanding day by day and providing the best experience is the only way to make your business stand out.


Web Design isn’t hard. Web Design that makes users interact and convert, though… well, it is a challenge. Challenges make our job great, though and this is why we love them. Having your brand and value proposition as guides we design clean and professional solutions that users use seamlessly.


We believe that intuitive Web Design is a necessity. Providing a great experience for users is the only way to keep them coming back. Here are the things that make our work cutting-edge:

Creating subtle designs is clearly our thing. We love simplifying websites and apps, in order for users to have a great digital experience without thinking about their next step. We always assess the latest trends in industry, in order to create user-friendly environments that are “invisible” but also remarkable.

Web Design cannot simply be the same for everyone. Your brand, vision and business objectives should not be just present in your website or app. They should be the features that stand out and make your digital experience different from others. Is that really possible? Yes, it is and we are the people who can create it.