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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

There is no doubt that Mobile App Development is necessary in some business cases. In a world where nearly half of the population has a smartphone, is there any better way for a business to stay close to its customers than an app?

Compared to Web Development, Mobile App Development can be much more challenging especially if you don’t have the knowledge to create clear and qualitative code. Fortunately for you, this is where we come. If you have an idea for a mobile app, we are the people that will shape it into reality. In Doitsimple we develop and maintain mobile apps that users love to use.

Our Mobile App Development Process

First things first, we need to embrace your idea. We cannot develop a functional mobile app if we cannot fully understand every aspect of your idea and objectives. This step of the process will also define clearly your unique selling proposition. Why is this important? If you browse through Google Play or App Store you will most likely find that someone else has already implemented a similar idea to yours. Finding what makes your idea stand out will make us design and develop a mobile app that projects this uniqueness. 

Once we are completely certain, we move to implementation. In Doitsimple we develop iOS and Android mobile apps that are clean-coded and scalable. This means that speed is rarely a problem you will have to deal with, and your app will be able to handle any number of users and content. Our Mobile App Development follows the higher standards and is destined to be user-friendly, fast and maintainable.  

Testing is an important part of the process, as well. Before the final launch we test the usability, speed and performance of our creation. The most important testing, though, is conducted by you. You are the one who will decide if the mobile app we created is meeting your standards and embodies your initial idea. After that… Prepare to Launch!

Our goal is to offer boutique services to each of our partners. That is why we are always eager to address any concerns you might have about your app and we are open to new updates or ideas. One-to-one communication is our thing, and we truly believe that it establishes effective partnerships.


Our primary goal in Mobile App Development is the creation of a unique, customized, high-performing solution. We always strive for perfection and thus we tend to closely follow the latest trends and product releases in the industry, embracing only the ones that enhance quality and safety.


Is Mobile App Development really that hard? Can anyone do it? Of course, they can! However, not everyone can guarantee the best result. Here’s what makes our work unique:

Clean Code is important for every mobile app, whether it is a sophisticated service or a simple game. We use React Native, PHP, HTML5, SQL, JQuery and more necessary means to develop the most efficient apps. Our code may seem sophisticated on the backend but the result is a seamless, simplistic user interface.

The epicentre of our Mobile App Development is always your vision and objectives. Keeping in mind your value proposition we develop an app that will meet the criteria you have set but in terms of design and performance will surpass your expectations. After all, our services would not be described as cutting-edge if we simply “did our job”.

Boutique mentality means remarkable communication. Reshaping your idea into an experience doesn’t signify the end of our partnership. The decision is in your hands. We can continue to upgrade your app, simply maintain it or we can work together in order to help your mobile app thrive.