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Web Development

web development

Web Development can mean many things, so you might think: What does DoitSimple actually do?

First of all, our core values are: Quality, Personalization and Elegance. We love creating elegant solutions that surpass everyone’s expectations. We believe that Web Development is not hard, unless you strive for perfection. And the truth is we do. In Doitsimple we specialize in branded websites, ecommerce websites and web applications. Our first priority is making sure that our implementation matches your business vision and objectives. Once this is certain, we guarantee that our team will offer you the solution that will fit you like a glove.

Brand Website Development

As Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. We would like to add that in our days it’s not enough to simply have an online presence anymore. Your online presence must be impeccable and ingenious in order to stand out in the chaotic digital world. Fortunately, our job as web developers is to help your brand be distinctive and grow just the way you imagined. Though every website we create is unique, we make sure some things stay the same. Professional look, lightning fast loading time, easy navigation and responsive design across devices are not negotiable. 

Ecommerce Site Development

We believe that ecommerce sites (eshops) should be above all safe and user-friendly. A user should be able to navigate with ease and enjoy a great online experience in your store. On the other hand, you should be able to make changes effortlessly on your site. How do we accomplish that? We use Open-Source Content Management Systems like PrestaShop, Magento and Joomla especially designed for Ecommerce Websites. Woocommerce in combination with WordPress is another option we prefer as well. All these solutions let you create a site with a unique style and also make updates to its content with ease.

Web Applications

Web Development in DoitSimple doesn’t stop at Website Development. We fully understand that sometimes there are services that cannot be provided through common options. This is where we come. We develop unique web applications that will make your website more efficient. Our tools of choice include Laravel, Node.JS, React.JS but Custom Web Solutions, as well. Moreover, we have designed our own variety of plugins, most of which carry out ecommerce services. We have developed plugins for getaway payment, shipping charge and xml feed management. Sometimes, though even these solutions may not meet your needs. In this case, we can develop custom new plugins, which will operate exactly the way you want them to. Isn’t that great?



We stand by one belief: Every customer deserves a boutique service. This means that we adapt to your vision and requirements. Your website or web application reflects your business image and this is why it must be as unique as your business. This is why we invest in knowledge enhancement and new technologies in order to grow continuously and stay on top of our game.

You might ask: In which way Web Development in DoitSimple is different? We believe there are three factors that distinguish our work from others:

Our Web Development services would be nothing without Boutique Mentality. As we have come to understand, good communication is key to any relationship. Thus, we make sure we completely understand what you have in mind through the web development process in order to do our best. Once our project is completed we continue to support you along your digital journey by one-to-one communication, addressing any possible concerns or updates you might want to implement.

It is no secret that Web Development is a competitive industry. We are not afraid to admit that we are skilled , yet we are not superstars. It’s impossible to admit that you know everything about a field that is growing rapidly day by day. What we can do, though, is constantly invest in increasing our knowledge and exploring new tools.

Continuous growth could not be achieved without closely following the latest updates and practices in Web Development. We make sure to devote time to explore and assess new tools. Surely evolution is important but so is safety. Therefore, we only use technologies, systems and practices that are delivering clear results.